Collagen is a structural protein found in many organs in the body, including primarily skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, veins, and intestinal wall, and forms about 30% of all the proteins.

What are its benefits?

Collagen as an important component of ligaments holds tissues together like an adhesive agent. Mobility is maintained by means of healthy muscles, bones, and joints. Mobility is a state of moving around freely and easily. Collagen supplement helps to prevent a wide range of undesired circumstances such as hair health, cartilage, wrinkles on face, and hearth diseases.

Are collagen products beneficial for health?

Due to the decrease in collagen synthesis in the body particularly after thirties, it is essential to take collagen supplement from other sources for a healthy and quality life. Collagen consumption of 1-5 g, helps diminishing of joint pains, increasing skin elasticity as well as hearth health.

What is the daily intake dosage for collagen supplement?

Daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen peptides is recommended as 3000-800 mg in the middle age period when the need is increased and deficiency is apparent, and most importantly, it is essential to consume regularly for at least 3 months to ensure desired connective tissues. After a long-term usage, it is ensured to sustain supplying the stocks by an intake of collagen as 3.000-5.000 mg 2-3 days a week.

Daily collagen consumption according to the Turkish Food Codex Regulations is set forth as a maximum of 10.000 mg (10 g) for adults.

Does the amount of necessary collagen intake differ for sex and age?

There are many different collagen molecules in body. Although the primary tasks of each one are to promote ligaments, each of them has certain special tasks. Concordantly, it is more important which type of collagen molecule to be consumed rather than the amount of intake needed for sex and age; because collagen types have certain amount and duration of usage unique to each one.

Regular uses of hydrolyzed collagen have positive impacts on skin, bone and muscle tissues. According to the scientific researches, it is recommended to use it as 5-10 g/day for 3-4 month for beauty, 5-10 g/day for 6-12 months for bones and 10 g/day for 4-6 months for muscle building muscles for athletes. However, upper limit of daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen (collagen peptides) in Turkey is maximum 10 grams.

What percentage of daily necessary collagen intake may be taken from Aynes Collagen products?

Our present products contain 0.9-1% collagen. Each package shows the amount of collagen in its content. Concordantly, we supply the recommended amounts according to the consumption weight.

What types and kinds of collagen are used in Aynes Collagen products?

In our products, “VERISOL”, which is a patented collagen peptide, and “FORTIBONE”, which is the winner of the 2018 Food Supplement Award, are used, the efficacies of both are proven in clinical studies. Bovine-based hydrolyzed collagen peptides are used and formulated in our products with hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides helping to promote our bone and skin health with Type 1 and Type 3 collagen.

Do Aynes Collagen products contain gelatin?

There are analysis reports obtained from accredited laboratories proving that our products are gelatin-free. Collagen used in our products is in the hydrolyzed peptide form supplied by our certified suppliers holding quality certifications.

What is the shelf life of Aynes Collagen products?

The shelf life of our products is fixed as 21 days for fermented group (ayran, fruit yogurt) and 4 months for milk drink.

How much collagen do Aynes Collagen products contain?

Collagen contents are as follows: 150 g Fruity Collagen Yogurt 1350 mg, 330 ml Minty Collagen Ayran 2970 mg, 1000 ml Minty Collagen Ayran 9000 mg, 180 ml Fruity Collagen Milk Drink 1620 mg, 1000 ml Fruity Collagen Milk Drink 9000 mg.

Are Aynes Collagen products lactose-free?

The first series of our products contain lactose. Lactose-free series are in the process of development with R&D studies.

Can coeliac patients consume Aynes Collagen products? Does it contain gluten?

Our products do not contain gluten. There is no allergen risk for coeliac patients.

Is there any preservative and/or additives in Aynes Collagen products?

Our products are produced in compliance with the regulations and communiqués of Turkish Food Codex. It does not contain any preservative.

Can children consume Aynes Collagen products?

Collagen supplement benefits our body as of the ages when collagen synthesis in body is decreased. Although the amount of supplement necessary depending on age varies, our specialists recommend consumption by individuals over 15 years old. We recommend AYNES fruit milk, fruit yogurt, and ayran products for development of our children.

How much of collagen is benefited from taken from Aynes Collagen products?

Absorption and elimination of orally received collagen varies depending on sex, age, diet, intestinal flora, etc. factors.

However, since hydrolyzed collagen peptides are used in our products, their bioavailability is rather high. Because it is taken with milk, its utilization in body is expected to be high.

At which markets is it sold?

Our Aynes Collagen Product Range are put on the market on the shelves of supermarkets like Migros and MacroCenter as well as on e-commerce websites.

Do Aynes Collagen products have halal certification?

All collagen ingredients used in our products have halal certification.

Do Aynes Collagen products contain sugar?

In the beginning, we integrated collagen into our present products. Innovative researches in our Research & Development department continue.